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Dr. Bin Wang named Marquette Core Curriculum Award winner

The Marquette Core Curriculum Committee announced Dr. Bin Wang as the winner of the 2023 MCC Teaching Excellence Award.  

Wang is an associate professor in the Department of Finance. He was nominated on the basis of his exceptional teaching in the International Finance course he regularly teaches for the College of Business Administration and the Crossing Boundaries theme in the MCC’s Discovery Tier. 

Dr. Wang stood out from the excellent slate of 2023 nominees for the numerous nominations submitted by his students. The nominators praised him for his substantive contributions to their growth as “Global Problem Solvers,” one of the MCC’s six learning outcomes that focuses on “cooperative and cross-disciplinary problem-solving” via “innovative solutions” meant to “address the increasingly blurred lines between local and global challenges.” Student specifically highlighted Dr. Wang’s ability to translate complicated concepts in international finance into approachable lessons, his carefully curated roster of engaging guest-speakers, and his creative incorporation of real-world examples. As one nominator concluded, Dr. Wang “truly exemplifies the Marquette motto ‘Be the Difference,’” and the 2023 MCC Teaching Excellence Award honors this achievement. 

The MCC Teaching Excellence Award was created in 2021 to honor instructors whose “effective approaches to course design and delivery have an extraordinary positive impact on students’ progress toward the MCC learning outcomes.” More details on the award can be found on the MCC website 

With questions, contact Dr. Conor Kelly, director of the Marquette Core Curriculum.