MarKept Move Out: Don’t ditch it. Donate it.

Each year, move-out activities generate a significant amount of waste that ends up in our landfills,  causing further environmental degradation. With some simple planning, you can be part of the solution. MarKept Move Out is designed to make that process easy and accessible. 

After seeing overflowing dumpsters year after year, student Carlos Gonzales, Eng ’21, decided to pitch his idea for a “Marquette Yard Sale” during the 2021 Brewed Ideas Challenge, run by the 707 Hub. Through his research, he identified opportunities to make Marquette more sustainable and inclusive with this initiative. Placing second in the Social Impact Track reaffirmed the potential and need for a student-driven, sustainable approach to move-out. 

In fall 2021, Marquette Sustainability took the concept and applied for an Explorer Challenge Grant to launch the pilot program – MarKept Move-Out. This program aims to give new life to gently used goods that end up in Marquette’s dumpsters — and ultimately in Wisconsin landfills — at the end of the year by creating a system that makes it easier for students to donate these items. Donated items will subsequently be sold at an on-site yard sale during student move-in at a drastically reduced price. 

How does it work 

MarKept Move-Out runs Monday, May 1, through Sunday, May 14. Four residence halls with be part of the MarKept Move-Out pilot program: Schroeder Hall, Carpenter Tower, Cobeen Hall and Abbottsford Hall. If you do not reside in these residence halls, there will still be donation bins in your residence hall, and the rules of what can and cannot be donated are the same. 

If you reside in a pilot residence hall, there will be various labeled bins and tables for accepted items. 

Please sort your items accordingly. Any items that are not accepted should be either properly recycled, placed in the trash or if hazardous materials, proper procedure should be followed and a work order should be placed. 

What can be donated 

Accepted items (All items should be in good condition and free of major tears, stains and smells): 

  • Clothing and shoes  
  • Decorative room items  
  • Small carpets and decorative pillows   
  • Working computer equipment and TVs 
  • School and office supplies  
  • Cleaning and toiletry products and soaps (any amount other than empty)  
  • Laundry supplies (detergent, hampers, etc.)  
  • Kitchenware  
  • Small, working appliances in good condition 
  • Microwaves  
  • Toasters  
  • Mini fridges 
  • Lamps 
  • Books and textbooks 
  • Nonperishable food that is not expired 

Items not accepted 

  • Sofas: If in good condition, consider donating, selling or storing over the summer. 
  • Futons and futon frames: If in good condition, consider donating, selling or storing over the summer. 
  • Large carpets: If in good condition, consider donating, selling or storing over the summer. 
  • Aerosols or hazardous materials: Submit a work order. 
  • Nonworking TVs, lamps, phones and computers: Submit a work order for pickup. 
  • Nonperishable food: If past expiration date or within two months, items must be thrown in the trash.  
  • Books in bad condition: Should be recycled. 
  • Mattress pads: Should go in the trash. 
  • Used personal care items: Should go in the trash. 
  • Mattresses: Should go in the trash. 

Items in good condition collected in the MarKept Move-Out pilot residence halls will be stored on-site over the summer and then resold during move in for free or low-cost at Iggy’s Move-In Market. 

Items in good condition collected in residence halls not a part of the pilot will be donated to local charities, Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. All nonperishable food items that have not expired will be donated to a local food pantry or the Marquette Backpack Program. All textbooks in good condition will be given to Community.Books.YOU. 

Visit the MarKept webpage for more information. 

Volunteers are additionally needed for MarKept. Sign up here if interested.