The importance of dental health – Access services at Marquette’s School of Dentistry

Did you know that oral health can influence health conditions in other areas of the body? That is why practicing good oral hygiene is so important. Learn more about the connections between oral and overall health and how you can prevent health issues with this article from Delta Dental. 

A great resource for maintaining your oral health is Marquette’s own School of Dentistry. The dental school provides quality dental care while training the next generation of dental health care providers. The dental school is a state-of-the-art educational facility where dental students can provide the highest quality of comprehensive dental care at affordable prices to the community.  

If you are enrolled in the Marquette dental plan, your benefits go further when seeing a faculty provider at the Dental School. Within the school, there are 28 faculty representing every dental specialty.  

Highlights of Delta Dental’s coverage at Marquette’s School of Dentistry: 

  • No deductibles 
  • Preventative and diagnostic services covered at 100% 
  • All other eligible expenses are covered between 80-90% coinsurance with an individual annual maximum of $2,500 
  • Orthodontic benefits, including for adults, are covered at 60% with an individual lifetime maximum of $2,500 

To schedule an appointment at the Dental School, call 414-288-0787. 

Earn points for My Wellness by visiting a dentist. Record the event in the My Wellness Portal as a Preventive Care Visit for 25 My Wellness Points.