‘Our Roots Say That We’re Sisters’ podcast features students Wendy Perez and Julie Alemán

Marquette’s “Our Roots Say That We’re Sisters” podcast series released this month’s episode honoring the story of Wendy Perez and Julie Alemán, students who created the nonprofit Community. Books. You. which collects used textbooks to loan out to first-generation students.

The “Our Roots Say That We’re Sisters” podcast series features women students, faculty, staff and alumnae of color who have exhibited leadership, positive impact or social change in their personal or professional roles, especially those who remain unsung “sheroes.”  

Associated with Marquette’s campus mural project this project showcases the diversity, richness and complexity of our campus and provides a way for campus community members to see themselves and their potential elevated. It also makes visible the interconnected nature of the experiences and struggles of many women of color.  

In this episode, Perez and Alemán discuss their identities, experiences on Marquette’s campus as women of color, and the ways that they are giving back to the community.  

For more information about the Our Roots project, contact Jacki Black.