Lenten reflection: How the season brought me closer to my roommates, God

By Megan McGuire, senior in the Diederich College of Communication

Photo of Father Marquette statue
The Lenten ribbon draped on the Cross in front of St. Joan of Arc Chapel.

During my time at Marquette I have come to understand and appreciate the period of Lent more fully. Beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting through Holy Thursday leading up to Easter, it is a time of reflection and prayer.

Marquette has provided me with opportunities, such as attending Mass and talking with other Christians, which have encouraged me to deepen my relationship with God.

As a student, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of daily life including homework, exams and extracurriculars. However, life at Marquette has given me perspective and allowed me to deepen my faith, value religion more and integrate it into each day.

Since coming to college I have prioritized daily prayer and meditation. For this Lent, my roommates and I bonded over deciding what we would give up, as well as how we wanted to enhance our lives. Our goal was to remove something negative in our lives as well as adding something positive.

Some of them decided to give up sweets, go to an extra Mass every week, or pray for someone different every day. I have dedicated 30 minutes each day to prayer and reconciling with God to strengthen my belief. I also want to commemorate the sacrifice Jesus made to save us from our sins by avoiding certain social media sites and foods. I have found the whole process very beneficial for my mental health as well.

My roommates have been a great support and want me to grow in my faith. I really cherish being surrounded by them during this time, as I never had this experience while going to a public high school. In addition, when I went to the Mass at the Chapel of the Holy Family last Sunday, I really valued the support group around me that enabled me to increase my faith alongside my peers.

It always makes experiences more special when you have the proper group around you for encouragement.

All in all, I am very thankful for the opportunities Marquette has provided for me to allow my faith to grow. I am equally grateful for the wonderful people I have met who have educated and assisted me on my spiritual journey.

Megan McGuire is a senior in the Diedrich College of Communication as well as the Alpha Sigma Nu chapter president.