FAD availability/access pause beginning April 6

Access to the faculty activity tracking database, commonly referred to as the FAD, will be paused at the close of business on Thursday, April 6.  

As part of the significant “refresh” underway in spring term 2023, Marquette will begin the process of updating the tools and migrating all the current data into the updated system. During this migration and testing process, no new or edited information can be entered into the database.

This update is necessary to ensure Marquette can remain current with vendor updates. The university encourages anyone or any unit that needs to run reports to do so by April 6. If you or any units on campus need to run reports after this date and before the updated system goes live, please contact fad@marquette.edu.  

Limited reporting will still be available through mid-April. The university anticipates returning access to the system on Monday, May 1. Contact Dr. Gary Meyer or Dr. Scott D’Urso, the task force co-chairs, with any questions about this process.