Earn My Wellness points and help Marquette beat Butler in blood drive competition

Help Marquette defeat Butler University in a blood drive competition by donating blood on Wednesday, March 22, and Friday, March 31, in AMU 157 and 163. 

These drives, which will honor late College of Nursing instructor Kit Stevi, are a part of a new annual tradition which pits Marquette against Butler to see which college can collect the most blood and save the most lives for hospital patients. 

Other blood drives will be held across campus in the coming weeks as well. 

Schedule your appointment here or by calling 877-232-4376.  

Employees can earn points for My Wellness by donating blood. Record the event in the My Wellness Portal as an External Wellness Experience for 10 My Wellness Points. 

Six benefits of donating blood from Healthy You by UMR 

  1. Comes with a free blood analysis. When you donate, your blood is tested for things like HIV, hepatitis and syphilis. The lab can tell immediately if something’s not right and will notify you right away. 
  2. Burns calories. Believe it or not, each time you donate a pint of blood, your body can burn up to 650 calories. Keep in mind that donating blood should never be a way to lose weight! 
  3. Improves heart health. Another benefit of lowering the iron stores in your body is that your risk of acute myocardial infarction (or heart attack) is reduced. 
  4. Helps lower your risk of getting cancer and other diseases. That’s because the iron stores in your body remain at a healthy level when donating. A lower iron store level in our bodies is connected to a lower risk of developing cancer, hypertension, obesity and insulin resistance, among other diseases. 
  5. Improves your emotional health. Doing good for others has a positive effect on your mental health. 
  6. Renews your blood supply. After donating, your body will naturally replenish the blood removed. Within about four to twelve weeks, you will have a fresh supply of blood pumping through your veins. This can help your body stay healthy and work more efficiently and productively.