Talk on extraordinary life of journalist and alumnus Wallace Carroll, April 5

Author Mary Llewellyn McNeil will discuss her new book, “Century’s Witness: The Extraordinary Life of Journalist Wallace Carroll,” on Wednesday, April 5, at 2:30 p.m. in the Raynor Memorial Libraries Beamier Suite B/C. 

Carroll, a Marquette alumnus, was one of the most influential and respected journalists of the 20th century. As manager of United Press before and during World War II, he covered the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of Britain and the London Blitz.

In 1941 he was among the first journalists to travel into the Soviet Union after the Nazi invasion, and on his return home landed in Pearl Harbor days after the Japanese attack.  

Carroll went on to become news editor of the Washington Bureau of the New York Times and editor and publisher of the Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel, where he led the paper to a Pulitzer Prize.

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Former Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan writes, “with crisp prose, fine research and clear moral purpose, “McNeil shines a light on Wallace Carroll and in so doing shines a light on the current troubles in journalism.” Carroll’s life “is captured in McNeil’s compelling and vivid biography, Century’s Witness. Every working journalist should read it,” according to well-known journalist Al Hunt.