Wellness tip: Sync your fitness trackers to earn points for My Wellness

Did you know you can automatically earn one point for each day you track 8,000 or more steps in the My Wellness portal? This can earn you a maximum of 200 points per year! Sync your fitness device to the My Wellness portal to earn easy points. Many devices and apps are compatible with the wellness portal. See the FAQ document for more information and instructions for syncing.

There are also updates available to the Apple syncing. Apple users no longer need to use a third-party app to sync their steps. Please see the instructions for easier syncing here.

There is a new opportunity for points in the My Wellness portal too: 30 minutes of activity such as biking, swimming, fitness class, sport, hiking, gardening or any other activity that gets your blood pumping. Visit the My Wellness portal to manually add your 30 minutes of physical activity for one point daily, up to a maximum of 200 points per year. See the Employee Wellness site for more details on how to enroll in the portal.

All employees can participate in the My Wellness program. All participants can earn points for quarterly raffle entries. Employees and spouses enrolled in the medical plan with Marquette have the opportunity to earn FSA or HSA dollars based on participation in the program and their election the following year. Points earned between Oct. 1, 2022, and Sept. 30, 2023, qualify for wellness rewards that will be applied in January 2024. See more information in the My Wellness activity guide.