Beyond MU on building successful mentoring relationships, Jan. 24

Beyond MU: Lifelong Learning is hosting a webinar titled “Building Successful Mentoring Relationships: Best Practices and Resources” on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at noon. 

Mentorship allows experienced professionals to share their insights and connect with the next generation while emerging leaders gain the chance to build skills and engage in learning opportunities. In this session during National Mentoring Month, hear advice and strategies from a panel of experienced mentors and mentees from Marquette Mentors — considered the gold standard of higher education mentoring initiatives.  

The webinar will feature: 

  • Tim Donovan, Bus Ad ’18, director of investments at Midloch Investment Partners
  • Marilynn Gardner, Jour ’88, president and CEO of Navy Pier
  • Demetrius Liston, Bus Ad ’01, senior vice president in global implementation at Citibank
  • Sophia Sandoval, arts student at Marquette
  • Dan DeWeerdt, Radtke director of Marquette Mentors and senior engagement director at Marquette

Whether you are looking to give back as a mentor or to find a mentor to help you grow in your career and professional development, join Beyond MU: Lifelong Learning to hear best practices and learn about what resources are available to the Marquette community.  

Mentors and mentees of all ages, industries and skill levels can learn takeaways from this session. 

To attend, please register online.