Student loan debt workshop with Savi, Dec. 14

Sign up for a webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 1 p.m. to learn more about student loan policy updates for 2023.

Together with TIAA and Savi, Marquette offers a tool to position you for student loan forgiveness. The student loan policy experts, advocates and borrowers at Savi will keep you up to date on all details related to student loan news. With many recent updates to student loan policy, including another payment pause, you can sign up for Savi’s upcoming free educational (and interactive) webinar designed to help borrowers:

  • Learn about student loan policy updates from Savi’s Chief Borrower Advocate Lindsay Clark
  • Get started with the Savi tool

Register online.

Visit Savi’s website to take the free assessment to see if you can save money on your loans or determine your eligibility for forgiveness programs.

Learn more about finding relief from student loan debt on Marquette’s financial wellness website.