Policy Review Committee shares updated UPPs on tuition benefit, bridge of service and definition of a retiree

Marquette provides University Policies and Procedures (UPPs) for the campus community as a written record of approved and current academic, operational, financial and business policies and procedures. Following is an overview of three updated policies — all are available in full on the UPP website. (VPN required)  

UPP 4-09 Tuition Remission was updated to eliminate the requirement that faculty be on a one-year contract to be eligible for tuition remission and to include certain online programs which are now tuition remission eligible.  

UPP 4-18 Definition of Retiree was updated to change the eligibility to those with at least five years of benefit eligible service, cleans up language, provides more specific detail and examples and better aligns current practice to policy. 

UPP 4-25 Bridge of Service was updated to expand the bridge of service for a regular employee who leaves Marquette and is subsequently re-employed within six months (formerly three months). 

About the Policy Review Committee: The Policy Review Committee is responsible for guiding good practices in university policy governance and to ensure collaboration and consistency in university policy development — the committee does not originate or have final approval for policies. Final approval is by the provost and executive vice president/chief operating officer. The committee reviews proposed and revised UPPs for compliance, policy consistency, clarity and operational efficiency, and reaches out to stakeholders who may be impacted to secure feedback. The Policy Review Committee includes members from the offices of the Provost, General Counsel, Finance and Human Resources. The Policy Review Committee reviews all UPPs at minimum every five years to determine whether they should continue as UPPs and, if so, whether any additions, deletions or modifications are appropriate.