Save paper by choosing electronic W-2 option in MyJob

To elect for an electronic W-2, log in to MyJob Employee Self Service. Go to “Personal Actions,” “W2 Printing Options,” and change the paper document type from yes to no.

By submitting a W-2 document preference of “paper = no,” you are consenting to no longer receive a paper form W-2.

You must be on campus or logged in through VPN to make these changes.

This reminder is meant for first-time electronic W-2 opt-ins. If you previously received paper W-2s, then this process can be used to elect electronic W-2s. You do not need to do these steps if you have previously elected the electronic method and wish to continue receiving electronic W-2s. 

Your election must be made by Tuesday, Jan. 3, to be in effect for the calendar year 2021 W-2. 

For more information regarding W-2s or for instructions on retrieving your electronic W-2 please click here.