Physical Therapy Clinic information session and open house, Nov. 9

Learn more about the services offered by the on-campus Physical Therapy Clinic and how seeking PT care before other care types can save you money during an information session on Wednesday, Nov. 9, at noon in Cramer Hall 215.

You can see the facility and talk with a physical therapist to learn more. Use the code “GROW” to register online.

If you need physical therapy treatment now or in the future, consider using Marquette’s fine facility for quality care at a reasonable cost.

  • For members of the CPHP, receiving physical therapy care at Marquette’s Physical Therapy Clinic is covered at 100%.
  • For members of the AHDHP and EHDHP plans, physical therapy services at Marquette’s Physical Therapy Clinic are applied to the deductible. Once the deductible is met, all future services at the Marquette Physical Therapy Clinic for the remainder of the year are covered at 100%.