Health Sciences

60-second Marquette on Department of Physician Assistant Studies ‘pretend patients’

60-second Marquette is a documentary video series from the Office of University Relations focused on interesting Marquette people and stories, told in 60 seconds or less. The latest video features Mike and Carolyn, “pretend patients” in the standardized patient program for the Department of Physician Assistant Studies. 

Mike and Carolyn pretend they have whatever ailment or sickness they are given in a script to help physician assistant students at Marquette learn in a hands-on environment.

The first 60-second Marquette video featured Rick Boyd, adjunct instructor in the Department of Physics, who is helping to preserve a rare glass frog species. 

If you have an idea for a visually interesting person, research project, or story affiliated with Marquette that could be the subject an upcoming 60-second Marquette video documentary, please email Lauren Burke, director of video in the Office of University Relations.