Blue + Gold = Green: 6 ways to crush sustainable living at Marquette University

At Marquette, we take sustainability seriously! Here are a few ways you can nurture Mother Nature while living your best life.

Make sure to also check out the Student Guide to Sustainable Living and Learning at Marquette University for more information.

1. Drink tap H2O from an eco-friendly water bottle. Try using a stainless steel water bottle, which is safe, durable and recyclable. You can find stainless steel straw tumblers in the Marquette Spirit Shop. Also, for just $5, students can receive an Ozzi coin which can be redeemed at Schroeder Hall for a reusable container. Each time you return a reusable container, you receive an Ozzi coin.

2. Doing laundry stinks, but when you do have to do a load of wash or two, save energy by washing your clothes in cold water and use environmentally friendly detergent.

3. Go green for your classes and buy used or digital textbooks, if you can. Also, use recycled notebooks, refillable pens—or just go fully digital.

4. Shut off those lights when you’re not home! Also, use LED lightbulbs. By switching to LEDs, you are using 75% less energy than you would using incandescent light bulbs. E-mail to see how you can get a free LED bulb and make the switch!

5. Ditch the wheels and get moving with a U-Pass, Bublr Bike or Zip Car. For only $50, students can receive a U-Pass, which gives you access to any Milwaukee County Transit System route for free, 24/7. Be sure to download the Bublr Bike app (here) and check out the station located outside the Weasler Auditorium. If you’re interested in Zipcar, the car-sharing service, there’s a station located in the parking lot north of the AMU.

6. Rethink your pizza boxes. Cardboard can be recycled but only if it’s not greasy. So, toss the bottom of the box in the trash and place the top in the recycling.