2022 enrollment statistics show increased diversity, largest first-year class since 2018

Official fall 2022 enrollment, retention and graduation rate statistics, compiled by the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, are now available on dataMarq and the OIRA website.  

This fall, Marquette welcomed an incoming class of 1,977 students, up almost 20% from last year’s class and the largest class since fall 2018. These first years joined Marquette’s most diverse student body in the university’s history, as 30% of the 1,977 incoming first years and 28% of the student population overall are students of color. The incoming cohort also had the largest group of honors students (282) in Marquette history.  

Marquette’s total undergraduate population is 7,528, somewhat smaller than last fall and the smallest undergraduate student population in recent history driven by smaller first-year classes in fall 2020 and fall 2021.  

Graduate program enrollment is similar to fall 2021 with 3,639 graduate and professional students enrolled at the university and growth across all degree types over the past five years.  

The graduate student population of 2022 was once again the most diverse in Marquette’s history: students of color represent 23% and women represent 61% of enrolled graduate and professional students. 

Recent undergraduate cohorts have also posted strong retention and graduation rates.  

89.5% of students who started in fall 2021 returned to the university this semester, a retention rate above the historical average.  

The six-year graduation rate of undergraduate first-time students who started in fall 2016 was 82.5%, surpassing the historical average of 81% and the third highest in Marquette history, and students who started in fall 2018 recorded the highest four-year graduation rate in recent history at 68.5%. 

All statistics are accessible via OIRA’s interactive reports. The newly updated reports include student enrollment/FTE, first-year student profile, new transfer student profile, majors and minors, course enrollment and student credit hours, class size information, retention and graduation rates, and an update to the diversity and inclusion dashboards. 

For more information, contact Kevin Chovanec, OIRA BI analyst.