Welcome back to Milwaukee’s Near West Side 

Welcome back to Marquette and Milwaukee’s Near West Side. Below you will find ways to discover, embrace and support the community in which you live. From popsicle shops and empanadas to music venues and murals, there is no shortage of opportunities to explore.

Near West Side partners is also celebrating Near West Side Week from Sunday, Sept. 11, through Saturday, Sept. 17. Throughout the week, there will be a variety of events highlighting the Near West Side’s thriving neighborhoods and businesses.


  • Pete’s Pops original location, 3809 W. Vliet St., is offering a buy one, get one free popsicle deal with your MUID until Friday, Sept. 30.  
  • Triciclo Peru, located at 3801 W. Vliet St., is a fantastic destination with a hip vibe and delicious empanadas.     
  • Market AB Asian Food, 2729 W. Vliet St., has been providing Milwaukee’s Near West Side with authentic Southeast Asian foods for over 10 years. 
  • Daddy’s Soul Food, located at 754 N. 27th St., offers authentic comfort food for your long study days. The mac and cheese is a crowd favorite.  

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  • Rev-Up MKE, returning on Sept. 14, is an annual competition that provides entrepreneurs with resources to expand or start their own small businesses. One previous winner is Pete Cooney, a 2010 Marquette graduate and owner of Pete’s Pops.  
  • The Rave/Eagles Club is an iconic music venue located a few blocks west of campus. Previous concerts have included a range of artists from Bob Dylan to Justin Bieber to Skrillex. A full event list is online.
  • Located across the street from the new parklet on 38th St. and Vliet St., venture to the Vliet Street Oasis. This local farmers market provides fresh produce every Friday and Sunday from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. until the end of September.  
  • From Sunday, Sept. 11, through Saturday, Sept. 17, Near West Side Partners will host its second annual Near West Side Week. Join in the festivities to celebrate the many reasons why the Near West Side is a great place to live, work, play and stay.  


  • “Welcome to Merrill Park,” created by Fred Kaems, is located at 3504 W. Park Hill Ave. on the south-facing wall. Kaems possesses a strong sense of creative imagination and forward-thinking, which are qualities easily seen throughout his various pieces.      
  • Rosy Petri, in her “Men and Women of the Negro Leagues” series, which includes Brave Brothers, located at 2222 W. Clybourn St. on the south-facing wall, seeks to honor Hank and Tommie Aaron.
  • Brad Bernard and MIAD students created a mural for the Wisconsin African American Women’s Center at 3020 W. Vliet St. The artist explains that people living in the neighborhood should be made aware of local history and culture and that art is a great outlet for informing and educating.  
  • “Year of the Metal Ox,” located at 3809 W. Vliet St. on the west side of the Pete’s Pops building, embodies the idea of moving forward. Artist Jenie Gao invites the people of this community to reflect on moments when they and their families, friends and neighbors have shown their mettle. It is these stories of love, courage and substance that define who we are individually and collectively. 
    • Bring your MUID for the buy one, get one Pete’s Pops deal!