Helpful tips for avoiding job scams 

Marquette students should be on the lookout for job opportunities that are scams.  

Students are advised to watch for red flags and avoid engaging with employers or opportunities that seem suspicious. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. If something seems “off” about an employer, it probably is.  

Due diligence in researching employers and assessing potential opportunities is a great first step in avoiding job scams. 

Red flags may include: 

  • Employers asking you to submit payment or share your bank account information before being considered for a position. 
  • Employers offering you a large sum of money upfront. 
  • Receiving a job offer without having interviewed for a position. 
  • Job postings that focus on the amount of money to be made with little to no reference to job duties. 
  • Employers offering job search or interview tips in exchange for money. 
  • Multiple spelling errors or grammatical mistakes in employer communications. 
  • Emails from a contact whose email address does not match the company’s website or has the company name misspelled (e.g., instead of 

If you receive any communication from an employer that you feel is suspicious or potentially fraudulent, do not continue interacting with the employer and do not provide any personal information.  

Instead, inform the Career Services Center about the situation immediately. They will investigate and take appropriate action. 

Click here to fill out the “Report a Fraudulent Job Posting” form.