Hall Minister Q&A: Samantha Scott

Hall Minister Samantha Scott

The beginning of a new semester is an exciting time — but it can also be an anxious and stressful experience for some.

In addition to the many resident assistants, each residence hall has a hall minister to provide pastoral care to and be a spiritual presence for all residents and building staff.

In collaboration with the staff, hall ministers are charged with helping to form a residential community that expresses the university’s Catholic, Jesuit mission, while accompanying individuals dealing with stress, illness, loss, loneliness, relationships, spiritual and emotional health, and more.

In this Q&A, Samantha Scott, hall minister for Eckstein Tower, talks about what he likes the most about Marquette University and Milwaukee.

What was your undergraduate degree in? Why did you pursue that discipline?

I graduated from Marquette with a B.A. in theology in 2011. I changed my major to theology during my freshman year because at that time I was considering a career in military or hospital chaplaincy, and I also was excited about the opportunity to ask deep questions about my faith.

Why did you want to be a hall minister?

I wanted to be a hall minister because I love ministering to and serving the students of Marquette.

What makes Marquette special to you?

Marquette is special to me because it has been my home for many years. I was a part of the undergraduate community for four years and now as a Ph.D. candidate starting my fifth year of study — Marquette has been such a formative place for me both professionally and spiritually.

What is your favorite Marquette memory?

My favorite memory made at Marquette was when my husband proposed to me in my apartment in Campus Town West.

What is one thing you’re looking forward to this academic year?

This year I am looking forward to the new opportunity of serving as the hall minister for Eckstein Tower. I’ve been the hall minister at Abbottsford Hall for the last four years and I have recently moved to Eckstein. I am also looking forward to seeing my son, Joseph, who is now 10 months, explore Marquette and become a part of the Marquette community.

Fast Facts

Favorite book or movie: Any of the “Harry Potter” series

Favorite location on campus: The Brew

Favorite hobby: Going on walks with my son, Joseph, and dog, Cooper

Favorite restaurant in Milwaukee: Bel Air Cantina on Downer

Favorite dessert: Cheesecake