Sign up for diversity and inclusion learning opportunities by Sept. 1

An icon graphic representing A Culture of Inclusion from the Beyond Boundries Strategic PlanThe Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion offers a variety of programs for employees to learn more about topics related to diversity and inclusion. Register for these fall programs by Thursday, Sept. 1.  

Anti-Racism Community (ARC) Dialogues  

ARC Dialogues are a series of conversations among Marquette professionals who convene regularly to have deep and authentic dialogue about how racism manifests itself in our lives and in our institution, how we are often complicit with racism as individuals, and how to actively become anti-racists — both through individual and collective action. ARC Dialogues meet on a monthly basis throughout the academic year. Learn more about the program and register by Sept. 1. 

What your colleagues are saying about ARC Dialogues… 

  • “My greatest takeaway has been growing more and more comfortable with the uncomfortable. That gives me the confidence to speak up as an ally and move to being a co-conspirator.” 
  • “I especially valued everyone contributing resources from their area/discipline or focusing on a different topic. This really helped me see that there are people all across MU who are working (oftentimes in very different ways) to build a culture of anti-racism. Also, that there are many frameworks and ways to be anti-racist.” 
  • “I will take away some of the words and tactics others are using to invite dialogue with others in our community.” 

Making Marquette Inclusive (MMI) 

MMI is a 10-week, curriculum-based program that provides a framework for participants to explore themes such as implicit bias, privilege, microaggressions, the promotion of equity and effective dialogue orientations. Learn more about the program and register for fall semester cohorts online. 

What your colleagues are saying about MMI… 

  • “I appreciated all of the various resources that were provided and plan to revisit them regularly. … I have begun to think about goals that I would like to add to my professional development/annual self-evaluation.” 
  • “I have become more comfortable with discomfort, more willing to understand different experiences, more willing to speak up, and more willing to own my own biases.” 
  • “I feel more ready to bring conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion into the classroom. I will be more mindful of my own behavior and words, especially with respect to microaggressions. I’m inspired to make my classroom an explicitly inclusive space.” 
  • “My greatest takeaway lesson is that passivity is not an option if our objective is improvement of DEI metrics and outcomes. Change requires advocacy and daring to challenge the status quo. In the past, seeing students of marginalized identities struggle to succeed or fit in at Marquette usually elicited a sense of helplessness. I have learned that surrendering to the culture is no way to change it for the better.” 

For questions about diversity and inclusion educational programs, contact Jacki Black, director of Hispanic initiatives and diversity and inclusion educational programming. 

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