ITS best practices for using BCC when sending mass emails

When emailing large groups of people, Information Technology Services urges you to consider these best practices for reducing “reply all” issues.

You should be using “BCC” (blind carbon copy) when:

  • Sharing an e-newsletter: Keep your email list private by putting the distribution list or recipient emails “BCC.” Otherwise, you will expose your subscribers to each other without their consent.
  • Emailing a distribution list, listserv or extensive list of individuals: “BCC” should always be used for sending an email to a large email list. For example, if you are sending a message to a college’s student body or all employees within a unit or college, “BCC” is recommended. This prevents the use of “reply all” to spam all recipients.

Use Microsoft Teams to reduce email

IT Services recommends using Microsoft Teams instead of departmental email distribution lists and other internal DLs for the following reasons:

  • Moving some of your conversations to Teams will reduce the time you spend triaging and responding to email.
  • Microsoft Teams helps drive a collaborative culture. All team members stay in the loop – no forgetting to cc someone.
  • Teams offers better security.
  • People can set their level of Teams notification.
  • Documents are available for collaboration.
  • @mentions identify the people who need to know or take action.

If you have questions about email usage or how to use Teams, please contact the IT Services Help Desk.