Alumni couple launches ‘Do Great Things’ initiative, first-ever scholarships awarded to Green Bay West High School students

Tracy Ryan hugs Isabella Campos-Moya while Raelea Scott stands nearby during a ceremony at Green Bay West.
Jim and Tracy Ryan

Thanks to the generosity of Marquette University alumni, Jim and Tracy Ryan (Arts, ’89), two Green Bay West students now have a life-changing opportunity to attend Marquette. On Wednesday, May 18, Raelea Scott and Isabella Campos-Moya became the first-ever recipients of the “Do Great Things” initiative, receiving their scholarship awards at a special ceremony at the high school.

The Ryans are founding members of the President’s Advisory Council and Time to Rise campaign executive team leaders.

Tracy Ryan shared that the mission of the “Do Great Things” initiative is to encourage and assist Green Bay West High School students to become college ready, understand the financial aid available to them, and secure the funding to alleviate the financial gap burden.

“The initiative will also fund programs and events to awaken students’ dreams and double down on their academic preparation,” Tracy Ryan said.

Providing access to a Marquette education was at the heart of the Ryans’ generosity.

“Everybody needs help getting on the first rung on the opportunity ladder,” said Jim Ryan, a 1985 Green Bay West High School graduate. “I needed help. Marquette University made a profound impact on our lives. Everything I’ve become and the person I’m trying to be, was formed at Marquette.”

Raelea Scott, who plans to major in biomedical sciences, was awarded a full-tuition scholarship, and Campos-Moya was awarded a Bridge the Gap scholarship. These scholarships will be awarded annually to two students from Green Bay West High School.

Both students expressed gratitude to the Ryans and their supporters from Green Bay West.

“As the first recipient of this scholarship, I’m honored to help encourage future Green Bay West students and become an ambassador for future candidates,” Scott said. “I plan to live up the name of this scholarship by doing great things.”

When looking ahead to her college journey, Campos-Moya talked about what drew her to Marquette.

“The campus itself feels like a small city inside the large city of Milwaukee, and it reminds me a lot of Green Bay,” Campos-Moya said. “I can confidently say that I wouldn’t be going to Marquette without the generosity of the Ryans and the ‘Do Great Things’ scholarship.”