Alumni advice for the class of 2022

As one chapter ends, another is set to begin for the Class of 2022. There are plenty of goodbyes that come with departing campus, but it also marks the initiation into another family as a Marquette University graduate.

As you prepare for the next stage of your life, here’s some helpful advice from Marquette alumni who have been in your shoes.

“Your education doesn’t stop at graduation. Seek out opportunities to learn and grow at every stage of your career. Regardless of your chosen profession, there will always be new things for you to learn. The day you stop learning is the day you become a dinosaur.”

— Jessica Koth

“Pay it forward always. Give your time, your talent, your connections and remember your Jesuit education.”

— Susan B. Wucinski Keuer

“Embrace the things that make college a special time in life long after you graduate. Keep learning something new and interesting everyday, keep meeting and talking with people who are different from you, and keep being excited for your future no matter your age.”

— Ryan Matthew

“Send your favorite professor an email and tell them what a big impact they had on your MU experience. And then, go see them when you come back to visit campus years later. It will be so fun for you to see them again and (take it from a teacher like me) it will be one of the best gifts you can give them.”

— Kelly Korek

“Thank God every day… especially in the hard times. Gratitude allows you to find the joy in life, even when it’s headed in a direction you never planned.”

— Meghann Price

“Stay in touch with your Marquette family! And apply to EVERYTHING (internships/jobs/volunteer positions) that interests you!”

— Haley Wasserman

“We’ve all had the professors that left a mark. When you’re in a tough spot, think back to their advice and guidance and have that internal chat with them to help you out.”

— Amber Anderson

“Share every minute of this accomplishment with your parents and remember to thank them for the foundation they provided.”

— Jean Riemersama Hayes

“Don’t be in a hurry to get to what’s ‘next.’ While you’re right to be excited about what life holds after graduation, soak up the last few weeks before you enter the ‘real world.’ You won’t regret it.”

— Luke Junk

“Remember ‘Cura Personalis,’ and ‘Be The Difference.’ Approach your work life, your family life and your community with these in mind, and you’ll discover that you are able to do more, see more, accomplish more (in a meaningful way). Cura Personalis has been a touchstone for me as I make decisions (or identify challenges), personally, professionally, within my family, in my interactions with coworkers, friends, etc.”

— Donna Schnur Birkholz

“Remember the pillars: Leadership, excellence, service and faith. If we think about it, I bet we can each identify the people in our respective histories who were great examples of the pillars for us to learn from, and follow. Now it’s your turn. Go out to the world and inspire others by being those living examples, every day!”

— Travis Thatcher

“While still young and unattached, have an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life; learn a skill that you can always fall back on; and make a difference to some person or persons, so you will be able to look back at the end and say your life had a purpose.”

— Kenneth Quinn

“Pomp & Circumstance is played at the ceremony by tradition, but Graduation is not Coronation. If you grasp that, you’ll make a difference.”

— Randy Stark

“Plan your path, but do not pass up unexpected detours and opportunities. Work hard to achieve your successes, but never be afraid to fall. Share what you learn and pay it forward for those who come behind you.”

— Kevin Boyd

“Be true to yourself, value honesty, courage, and service. Pull people up, volunteer when you can, give when you can’t. Show kindness, empathy and respect to all. Laugh when it’s funny, cry when you need to and sing when it’s karaoke. Do great things, go to fun places and don’t forget to call home and tell your moms, your dads, your families about it.”

— Chris Santucci

“Take a breath and congratulate yourself on a job well done! You now have a diploma from one of the finest universities in the country (it really does matter)! Enjoy your summer and start networking ASAP in your chosen field.”

— Andrew McCollum

“Lean into who you’ve become during your time at Marquette even more than the degree that you’ve earned.”

— Jenn Fredericks

“Your life probably won’t play out how you imagine it. Enjoy the journey and do what makes you happy.”

— Tina Pudlas

“Your four years flew by and you are well prepared to enter your fields and should be very proud of your accomplishment. Be kind. Be humble. Be excited for the future. Don’t compare yourself to others. Find a mentor. Be open to suggestions. Sign up for that 401k. Thank your parents or those that helped you get to Marquette. Say YES to that job that may not be ‘exactly’ what you want as it may be exactly where you need to be at that moment.”

— Debbie Ravenscraft

“Success and happiness have a lot more in common than you think. Neither is a destination; both are endless journeys. Cheers!”

— Henry Kwan

“Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Wear that Marquette gear with pride, because you never know when you will meet a fellow Golden Eagle! Never forget the lessons you learned, both in the classroom and outside.”

— Sabrina Bartels

“Don’t be afraid to call out ‘We are!’ When you see a fellow alumnus/alumna sporting that MU gear or swag!”

— Milena Shabert

“You are enough. Every time you think you aren’t as smart or as experienced or as knowledgeable, know you are enough. Regardless of job, title, experience, etc. you have something to offer. Offer it and then learn from what others offer.”

— Brian Watkins

“Your God-given gifts are already within. Find them. Hone them. Pave a new way to attain them. Don’t give up. Ask for help. And always remember that you are valuable. Surround yourself with people and places that are committed to your growth as a professional and a good human. And pay that kindness forward to all those who intersect with you along the way.”

— Sharon Hudy

“MU prepared you for life, not just your jobs. ‘Be the difference’ is a good answer for the challenges that may come your way.”

— Debbie Mathew Schmidt

“Remember who you are and what you stand for. You have achieved a lot by completing your education. Do not jeopardize that accomplishment by making a decision that would affect your greatest asset, your integrity. If you do nothing else in this world but make decisions based on whether it is the right thing to do, you will find that your reputation and people’s desire to work with you will grow exponentially.”

— Elmer Megna

“Senior Week is for making memories. Allow passion to merge with your faith and go out and set the world on fire!”

— Dr. Dora Clayton-Jones

“Embrace your final moments with your class, you’ll look back on those memories with happiness. ¡Échale ganas que el trabajo no termina al graduarte!”

— Gilberto V.

“The first professional job out of college isn’t always the one you envisioned, but it may be worth the risk. I graduated from Marquette with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and my first professional experience was as a maintenance supervisor. Not an engineering position like I had hoped, but I was newly married and needed to provide for my family. However, this first position brought me into the world of manufacturing, which forever positively influenced my career. I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to be doing what I am today without that first job. Take a leap of faith and forge your own path!”

— David Kranz

“Remember that you got here through hard work, but were it not for the love, support and assistance from others, you would never have come this far.”

— Gary Eckstein

“A high-paying job that you are unhappy at is not worth it long term and don’t be afraid to make the big leaps of faith for that job that sounds awesome. Trust in yourself and God that it will work out. You will (most of the time) regret missed opportunities more than chances taken.”

— Branden C.

“Travel as often as possible. Find a place on the map and go there. Be open to new experiences and learning from people with a different mindset and culture. Travel always provides the opportunity to learn and grow.”

— Tyler Curtis

“Follow your heart. Sometimes people emphasize the money and end up unhappy and unfulfilled. Follow your passion and the money will follow.”

— Therese Ashley-Wesley

“Even after leaving campus, carry with you something Hank Raymonds shared with us one night 45 years ago in the McCormick Hall cafeteria. He said to always PLAY HARD and HAVE FUN!”

— Gregg Hartnett

“Network, network, network! I’ve never had success just applying for a ‘random’ job… my career moves have always happened because of knowing someone/talking to someone/human connections. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things, you never know where one experience is going to lead you. ‘There’s no failure, only feedback.’”

— Emily Breeden

“You will be okay. It may or may not feel like that right now, but just exhale and take the next step.”

— Michelle Kusel

“The world you are entering is unlike any previous generations have seen. Not better or worse. But unlike any other. Take pieces of wisdom and advice with kindness but understand their intent is support but their context is inapplicable. Be agile! Improvise, adapt and overcome! Your grind is not the same as any previous generation… but it doesn’t mean it won’t be as challenging or meaningful to see through.

— Rob Guillory

“As read on a banner above Schroeder Hall: The Guts to Try, The Heart to Care, The Resolve to be The Difference.”

— Jake Danczyk

“Live cura personalis in everything you do!”

— Luis D. Sánchez-Toro

“Take your values, learnings, friendships and mentors with you as you leave Marquette. 34 years later my collegiate foundation still makes me who I am personally and professionally.”

— Katie Regan

“Know your worth! Interview companies as much as they interview you. You need the right fit/environment to excel. Stay committed to service of community — it will uplift your spirit when you need it the most. Stay connected to your MU family. I graduated in ’03 and I still seek that family when I need guidance, support, etc.”

— Krystal Hardy

“Be proud of your alma mater and use it to your advantage. Marquette is well-known and respected in the business community, especially in Milwaukee.”

— Lindsey Hennings

“Trust your gut!”

— Mary Rose Armstrong

“Continue your education… formally if important but also informally. What the world and the nation need now are educated, moral, informed citizens and leaders who may help us through this dark chapter in our national history we have entered.”

— Tom Long

“Lean in to your natural abilities! Rather than focusing on your perceived ‘shortcomings,’ focus on what you love and what comes naturally to you.”

— Allie Cooney

“You are a gift. Treat others as one also. The greatest gift is unending support and faith. Faith in yourself, in your growing talents and in the Almighty who is the source of all gifts. Be the difference!”

— John J. Gosling

“Faith, family and friendships. Your career and income will come. Don’t lose touch with the first three.”

— William Krueger

“You will not know what you do not like until you have tried it. Find your path your own way and go all in on it. That’s how you can really be the difference.”

— Scott McLean

“Make sure to have fun, spend time with people you care about, and use your PTO! It can get overwhelming sometimes being out of school but you will do great.”

— Jessica Dreyer

“Beware of the shiny sparkly things in a job description. Get the nitty-gritty details of the day-to-day work before accepting an offer.”

— Nancy Heltemes

“Find mentors everywhere. They don’t need to be a formal mentor, just find people who have done or are doing things that are interesting and ask questions. Learn from their mistakes and go make your own.”

— Marjorie Moore

“If you’re in a room and everyone thinks the same as you, it’s time to find a new room.”

— Tasha Arnold

“Start saving now… yesterday even! A small amount saved and invested today will be worth 10x down the road even though you may not see that yet! Make saving part of your ‘bill pay’ each month (to yourself) even if the amount is $50 or $100, it adds up quickly! Good luck!”

— Michael Nichter

“Learning is continuous! Build long-lasting relationships! Strengthen communication, collaboration and leadership skills! All of the positions you hold will teach you about yourself, and your strengths and weaknesses, and help you develop the skills you need for your dream job!”

— Sara G. Forbes

“Be bold and enjoy the little wins.”

— John Bergin

“Take advantage of the opportunities that fall in front of you. They might not be part of your plan, but they usually turn into something great.”

— Brenda J. Miller

“Do good anonymously. Go with the flow, but work toward your goals and have faith that things will fall into place as they should. Remember those who are truly most important in your life. Travel as much as possible.”

— Amy Oost

“Your career is a marathon, not a sprint.”

— Kristina Busch

“Remember the good you felt while volunteering at MU and keep it up!”

— Mary Anderson Love

“This is just a chapter of your story. Continue to work hard and stay true to your beliefs. You may change careers at some point, but you can always keep your beliefs. Stay strong and always rep Marquette.”

— Thomas Kaminski

“When in doubt, refer first to the values that were formed through both your formal and informal education.”

— Mike Cummings

“Find out what provides you true JOY and follow it. It will ensure your career is something you love no matter how many directions it takes and your life always has meaning.”

— Ann Aschenbrenner

“Be uncomfortable! Comfort leads to stagnation. Being uncomfortable pushes you toward greatness!”

— Danille Parker

“Stay true to your values and the person you want to be. Don’t change who you are for a job, a relationship, etc.”

— Mary Ann Lasky

“Remember where you came from and who helped you arrive where you are. There is no success in life that is solely made by an individual alone. It takes a group effort. Smile at the world, keep a hobby, stay away from negative people and always keep a sense of humor, because life is too short and a job is just that — a job. Our time on this third planet is short, so make the time to enjoy it.”

— Micabil Diaz-Martinez

“Do not get discouraged and keep the faith!”

— Bob Bembenek

“Patience. Listen. Collaborate when needed, but also try to work independently to solve problems. You have skills, but also have a long way to go.”

— Chris Tippery

“Strive to be easily amused. Enjoy the breeze, the squirrels the world around you and don’t take a moment for granted.”

— Trip Warren

“Never give up on your dreams! Be the difference!”

— Kathleen Girens Wagner

“Trust the journey. My Marquette education paid off in ways I could never have imagined, even when my career took unexpected turns. You are well prepared!”

— Donna Kiesling

“My advice is simple…in everything you do do it for AMDG!”

— Dean G Mandis

“Best advice I received in my career was ‘No one cares how much you know unless they know how much you care.’ ALWAYS BE HUMBLE.”

— Nancy Stoner Alliegro

“Make sure your life has balance.”

— Rick Carpenter

“Enjoy every minute of Senior Week and recognize that your Marquette education was about much more than simply what was learned in the classroom. It was about serving the wider community and developing the whole person. Ring out Ahoya, Class of 2022!”

— Kristen Allen

“Say yes to the opportunities that feed your soul and remember the people/experiences that shaped you.”

— Megan Reyna

“Soar like an Eagle and stay true to yourself.”

— Ederlyn Odisho

“Don’t forget to pop the champagne. Celebrate your accomplishments – big and small.”

— Savannah Charles

“Go forth and set the world on fire.”

— Betsy Flasch