MUSG people of color mental health panel, April 10

An icon graphic representing A Culture of Inclusion from the Beyond Boundries Strategic PlanWE ARE SAATH and MUSG, along with the Asian Dental Student Organization and the Pakistani Student Association, will host a people of color mental health panel on Sunday, April 10, from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. at the Varsity Theatre. The panel is open to everyone regardless of their background.

WE ARE SAATH is a non-profit and social movement student organization that aims to promote awareness and discuss mental health in the South Asian community. WE ARE SAATH seeks to break down the stigma around mental health, explore methods to cope with the pressures of school and the community and build friendships.

To register or submit questions for the panel, visit the POC survey.

To get involved with WE ARE SAATH, complete the WE ARE SAATH Marquette interest form.