Minorities and Philosophy mini-conference, April 30

An icon graphic representing A Culture of Inclusion from the Beyond Boundries Strategic PlanMinorities and Philosophy will host a discussion featuring Dr. Marianna Ortega, associate professor of philosophy and women’s, gender and sexuality studies at Penn State University, on Saturday, April 30, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. in Sensenbrenner Hall 304.  

The event will be divided into two sessions with a 20-minute break in between. The first session is focused on feminism and identity and will engage with two chapters of Ortega’s In-Between: chapter two, “Being-between-Worlds, Being-in-Worlds,” and chapter seven, “Hometactics.”

The second session will focus on aesthetics and identity and will engage with “Altars for the Living: Shadow Ground, Aesthetic Memory, and the US-Mexico Borderlands” and “Photographic Representation of Racialized Bodies: Afro-Mexicans, the Visible, and the Invisible.”

Each session will have two graduate student commentators from Marquette’s philosophy department, who will each speak for 20 minutes, followed by a dialogue with Ortega. Each session will be around an hour and a half and have a 30-minute question and answer at the end of both commentary and dialogues. The commentators for the first session are Bella-Rose Kelly and Karolyn Burns, and the commentators for the second session are Melady Elifritz and Cameron Roman. 

No prior registration is required. There will also be a virtual option through Zoom.