Marquette faculty make mark on internationally famed anatomy atlas

Finished plate in the Netter Atlas
A new plate in the Netter Atlas of Anatomy.

By Alex Nemec, marketing communications specialist

Two Marquette College of Health Sciences faculty members, Occupational Therapy Clinical Professor Dr. Todd Hoagland, and Biomedical Sciences Professor and Dean Dr. William E. Cullinan, have left their fingerprints on the 8th edition of the “Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy” which was released on March 15. 

The “Netter Atlas of Human Anatomy” is published by Elsevier and is the world’s most used anatomical atlas, having been translated in 17 different languages. New to this edition is the inclusion of diverse subjects in its 20 new images and 30 modified images.  In addition to providing a classic regional-based atlas format, the new edition also comes in a systems-based format which can serve as a great resource for students within a systems-based curriculum. 

With the publication of the 8th edition, Hoagland has now edited three editions of the atlas, and one of his favorite parts of the work is collaborating with the new Netter artist, Carlos Machado, M.D. “It is thrilling to propose new artwork and then watch the brilliant evolution of Carlos’ pencil sketches leading to final images,” Hoagland mentioned.

Cullinan is a part of the Netter Atlas’ International Advisory Board and has worked on the atlas since its 7th edition. He says having been involved with publication of the renowned Atlas has been a remarkable experience, especially now that it is in conjunction with a Marquette faculty colleague. “The contributions of not one, but two faculty members from the same institution in the Netter atlas’ publication process is remarkable and a real credit to Marquette.  Instruction in the anatomical sciences is something taken seriously here, and this is a form of external validation of the fact,” Cullinan says. 

“Contributing to the ‘Netter Atlas of Anatomy’ has been a highlight of my career,” Hoagland says. “It is an honor and a privilege to be involved with the professionals at Elsevier publishing, and their faith in Marquette faculty is a testament to the great things happening in the College of Health Sciences.” 

“Anatomy with Dr. Hoagland was easily my favorite class first semester. The cadaver lab provided a unique, eye-opening perspective of the human body,” said Occupational Therapy doctoral student Camryn Stasulas. “Using the Netter’s Atlas really set us up for success in the class by providing clear, brilliantly detailed, and descriptive information within the illustrations and images.”

“The Netter Atlas of Anatomy is an invaluable resource when studying the inner workings of the human body, and the gold-standard for anatomy students across the country,” said biomedical sciences and pre-med student Bryce Laurin. “From pre-med students like me to clinicians in the field, anatomy proves to be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding disciplines because it opens the doors to being able to understand, treat and cure the human body.”

Drs. Hoagland and Cullinan are excited to share the latest edition of the Atlas with Marquette students. The increased diversity of body types along with novel views of challenging anatomy makes the 8th edition a contemporaneous resource for the intellectual community around the globe. Furthermore, Hoagland says “at Marquette we strive to create an academic environment that is inclusive, and by pushing for greater diversity within the Atlas, our teaching resources will better reflect the community we serve.”