Writing Innovation Symposium events addressing trauma, art and healing begin April 28

In conjunction with the Writing Innovation Symposium, Dr. Jackie Regan and Dr. Jess Restaino, both of Montclair State University, will be on campus to lead a series of events that address trauma, art and healing.

Restaino will host an informal conversation about art and healing on Thursday, April 28, at 11 a.m. in Gym A104. All are welcome to attend this event, hosted by the English Department’s spring capstone course “Writing (My) Education.” Register for Dr. Restainos conversation before Monday, April 15.

Regan and Restaino will offer a 90-minute writing workshop for survivors of sexual trauma on Friday, April 29, at 10 a.m. Graduate students, faculty, staff and members of the community are welcome to attend. Participation will be confidential, known only to workshop facilitators and attendees. Pre-registration for this free event is required. Register online by April 22.

The Writing Innovation Symposium was founded in 2018 by Jenn Fishman, Kelsey Otero and Elizabeth Gibes. It is led by a Steering Committee that includes: 

  •  Tara Baillargeon, Marquette University 
  • Lilly Campbell, Marquette University 
  • Virginia Crank, UW-La Crosse 
  • Jackielee Derks, Marquette University 
  • Jenn Fishman, Marquette University  
  • Maxwell Gray, Marquette University 
  • Jenna Green, Marquette University 
  • Sara Heaser, UW-La Crosse 
  • Lara Karpenk, Carroll University  
  • Jennifer Kontny, Mount Mary University 
  • Kat O’Meara, St. Norbert College 
  • Kelsey Otero, Marquette University 
  • Patrick Thomas, University of Dayton 
  • Darci Thoune, UW-La Crosse 
  • Shevaun Watson, UW-Milwaukee