Safety task force update: Workgroups launched and plan deadlines announced

Marquette University Police Department Chief Edith Hudson speaks at the President’s Task Force on Community Safety.

On Monday, the President’s Task Force on Community Safety convened for its inaugural meeting to address safety and security on campus and in the community through actionable and lasting solutions for infrastructure, personnel, resources and partnership.

Steering Committee Chair and Marquette University Police Chief Edith Hudson opened the meeting to welcome students, faculty, staff, parents and community partners, and President Michael R. Lovell reinforced the importance of finding solutions that protect everyone while embracing our community in accordance with our Catholic, Jesuit mission.

Following updates on crime trends, community relations, and hiring and retention, Chief Hudson announced the formation of five key workgroups to facilitate 30-day, 60-day and long-term plan development.

After revealing the workgroups and participants, each team convened for introductions and to begin discussion, brainstorming and benchmarking. Workgroups will meet frequently between Task Force meetings to develop recommendations and explore feasibility.

The workgroups are as follows:

Safety Measures – Institutional

Address campus policies and physical elements, such as building access/security, environmental design, etc. to enhance security

  • Chair: Lora Strigens, vice president, Facilities and Planning Management
  • Co-chair: Claudia Paetsch, vice president, Human Resources

Safety Measures – Individual

Assess education, training, culture and campus safety programs for students, faculty, staff and visitors

  • Chair: Stephanie Quade, Dean of Students

Community Partnership

Consider how Marquette will collaborate with other organizations to increase safety in our neighborhood and city

  • Chair: Edith Hudson, chief of MUPD
  • Co-chair: Rana Altenburg, associate vice president of public affairs


Review the strategies, tools and processes for communicating to students, employees, parents, prospective students and media

  • Chair: Paul Jones, vice president for University Relations and general counsel
  • Co-chair: Lindsey St Arnold Bell, associate director, Near West Side Partners, Inc.


Assess the staffing, technology or equipment needed to support and implement the task force recommendations

  • Chair: Michael O’Hear, Law School faculty and MUPD Advisory Board chair
  • Co-chair: Jeff Kranz, assistant chief, MUPD

Workgroups will continue their plan development until the next task force meeting on March 28.

Watch for more updates on the President’s Task Force on Community Safety in Marquette Today.

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