Beyond MU webinar ‘The Spirituality of Children Across the Years’ is March 29

An icon graphic representing the Formation of Hearts and Minds from the Beyond Boundries Strategic PlanBeyond MU: Lifelong Learning will host a webinar titled “The Spirituality of Children Across the Years” on Tuesday, March 29, at noon. Please join for a Lenten conversation as we consider the spiritual lives of our children of all ages.  

Dr. Kathy Coffey-Guenther, senior advancement officer for alumni spirituality, and her special guest, colleague, friend and fellow mom, Karen Kiefer, director of the Church in the 21st Century Center at Boston College and the author of the recently published children’s book, Drawing God, will discuss the beautiful inspirations and teachings of children and their spiritual lives. 

We know that Ignatian Spirituality, with the invitations of imagination and contemplation, are natural for younger children to bring to early learnings of prayer and relationship with God and Jesus. As children grow, these same foundational connections are available for children to consider and to lean on as they need comfort or peace in their lives, just as we do as adults. 

Teens have a beautiful way of expressing their spirituality and considerations of God when offered creative opportunities to share their images and experiences of God and faith, and our college students often begin to more deeply identify their own sense of God and faith and commitments of service separate from their home parishes, early schooling and family beliefs. Throughout all of these dimensions, God walks with our children, holding them closely and watching over them with love and care.

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