2022 faculty promotions announced

Thirty faculty members have been promoted to professor or associate professor with tenure, effective the fall 2022 semester.

Additionally, seven full-time participating faculty members were promoted to professor of legal writing, clinical professor, clinical associate professor or associate professor of practice.  Between July 2021 and June 2022, 22 faculty members and academic administrators have been or will be promoted to emerita/emeritus status.

Faculty promoted to professor:

Dr. Julia Azari, Political Science
Dr. Pradeep Bhagavatula, Dental Clinical Services
Dr. Murray Blackmore, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Risa Brooks, Political Science
Dr. Kristina Thomas Dreifuerst, Nursing
Dr. Norah Johnson, Nursing
Dr. Astrida Kaugars, Psychology
Dr. Terence Ow, Management
Dr. David Twetten, Philosophy
Dr. Robert Wheeler, Biomedical Sciences
Dr. Amber Wichowsky, Political Science

Faculty promoted to associate professor with tenure:

Dr. Mark Berlin, Political Science
Dr. Lillian Campbell, English
Dr. Yoon Choi, Philosophy
Dr. Stephen Cole, Economics
Dr. Jason Farr, English
Dr. Anthony Gamble, Biological Sciences
Ms. Kristin Holodak, Digital Media and Performing Arts
Dr. Teresa Jerofke-Owen, Nursing
Dr. Young Kim, Strategic Communication
Dr. Lynne Knobloch-Fedders, Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology
Dr. Nilanjan Lodh, Medical Laboratory Science
Dr. Jessica Ogilvie, Marketing
Dr. Jennifer Ohlendorf, Nursing
Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz, Philosophy
Dr. Yelizaveta Strakhov, English
Dr. Timothy Tharp, Physics
Dr. Kathryn Wagner, Economics
Dr. Aimee Woda, Nursing
Dr. Bing Yu, Biomedical Engineering

Participating faculty promotions:

Full-time participating faculty members promoted to professor of legal writing are Ms. Susan Bay, Mr. Jacob Carpenter and Ms. Melissa Love Koenig.

Full-time participating faculty members promoted to clinical professor are Mr. Patrick Loftis, Physician Assistant Studies; and Dr. Danille Parker, Physical Therapy.

Dr. Aaron Miller, Biomedical Sciences, is promoted to clinical associate professor.

Dr. Kent Belasco, Finance, is promoted to associate professor of practice.

Academic administrators promoted to dean emerita from July 2021 to spring 2022:

Dr. Janet Krejci, Nursing, is promoted to dean emerita.

Ms. Janice Welburn, Libraries, is promoted to dean emerita.

Faculty promoted to professor emerita/emeritus from July 2021 to Spring 2022:

Dr. John Cotton, Management
Dr. Andrew Dentino, Dental Surgical Sciences
Dr. Srinivas Durvasula, Marketing
Mr. C.J. Hribal, English
Dr. James Kincaid, Chemistry
Dr. Lisa Koenig, General Dental Sciences
Dr. James Maki, Biological Sciences
Dr. James Marten, History
Dr. Phillip Naylor, History
Dr. Farrokh Nourzad, Economics
Dr. Lynn Turner, Communication Studies
Dr. Joyce Wolburg, Strategic Communication

Faculty promoted to associate professor emeritus/emerita from July 2021 to Spring 2022:

Dr. Daradirek (Gee) Ekachai, Strategic Communication
Dr. Sarah Peck, Finance
Dr. Michael Wierzbicki, Psychology

Promoted to clinical professor emerita are Dr. Susan Breakwell, Nursing; and Dr. Jadwiga Hjertstedt, Dental Clinical Services.

Promoted to clinical associate professor emerita are Dr. Mary Carlson, Educational Policy and Leadership; and Dr. Kerry Kosmoski-Goepfert, Nursing.

Promoted to librarian emeritus is Mr. Scott Mandernack.

The emerita/emeritus ranking takes effect upon retirement.