2021 Undergraduate Alumni Survey results now available

The Office of Institutional Research and Analysis has released the results of the 2021 Undergraduate Alumni Survey. Marquette students continue to report high rates of satisfaction with their education according to the survey, with 96% of alumni one, five and 10 years out indicating they were satisfied with their undergraduate education.  

In addition, 96% of alumni one year after graduation, 97% of alumni five years after graduation and 100% of alumni 10 years after graduation reported being engaged in an activity full-time or were not seeking full-time employment.  

Administered in summer 2021, the survey examines post-graduation outcomes and satisfaction of recent Marquette undergraduate alumni, including current life situation, pursuit of additional education, current employment status, reflection on institutional learning outcomes and overall satisfaction with Marquette.  

Alumni one, five and 10 years out were surveyed. The survey had a 19% response rate. The full executive summary is available online.  

For more information about the report, contact Heba Ali, research analyst in the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis.