Watch the final “Paying it Forward” conversation with Dr. Howard Fuller

An icon graphic representing A Culture of Inclusion from the Beyond Boundries Strategic PlanWatch the final discussion in the “Paying it Forward: Lessons for a new generation from Dr. Howard Fuller’s life on activism’s front lines,” a conversation series devoted to the issues that have driven Fuller’s activism and mission around education reform and social justice.

The discussions capture some aspects of Fuller’s legacy, experiences and impact as an advocate and activist working for educational opportunities and social justice in the Milwaukee community. The series is designed to foster conversations and serve as inspiration for students and future generations of activists in our community.

Discussion 4: Paths for pursuing change. What are the pluses and minuses of working within the system or outside the system? What has Dr. Fuller seen and learned from his time both as an activist outsider and as a leading insider in several government bureaucracies?

Paying it Forward (Discussion 4) | Marquette University from Marquette University on Vimeo.

The conversations were recorded in the Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education at Marquette Law School. All four conversation videos are available on the Marquette Law School website.

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