MUPD moving to hybrid squad cars

Marquette University Police Department has begun its transition to hybrid vehicles, deploying its first two hybrid squad cars at the start of the spring semester. The move is the first step in transitioning the department’s entire fleet to hybrid vehicles. 

 “This is a great step forward for our department in terms of sustainability,” said MUPD Chief Edith Hudson. “We are hearing great things from other departments that have begun incorporating hybrid vehicles into their fleet. We are excited about this step forward and doing our part in the larger Marquette mission of sustainability of resources.” 

 MUPD acquired two hybrid Ford Explorers as a start to the initiative. The benefits to the department and the university are two-fold: the hybrid vehicles align with Marquette’s sustainability efforts, while also saving MUPD money on gas and maintenance. 

 MUPD consulted with neighboring police departments that have also transitioned to hybrid vehicles before beginning the process. The two new hybrid Ford Explorers were deployed on Jan. 31. 

 The whole fleet is expected to be hybrid by 2025.