Lunch with Pope Francis: ‘A Livestreamed Conversation with College Students’ is Feb. 24

Join students from across the Americas in a livestream conversation with Pope Francis on Thursday, Feb. 24, from noon until 1 p.m. in AMU 227. Francis will be talking about what is important in life and will be interacting directly with pre-selected representatives from various language and regional groups. 

This is part of Marquette’s participation in the #listeningchurch project, also known as the worldwide Synod on Synodality, being led by Francis. 

The goal of Marquette’s participation in the #listeningchurch project is to welcome students to share with peers and others in the Church what is important to them in life, express their experiences of Church and identify their hopes for the future.  

Marquette’s campus-specific conversations will begin on Tuesday, March 1 and updates on the event will be included in Marquette Today. Students of all religious affiliations are welcome and encouraged to participate. 

Marquette students will receive a free boxed lunch provided by Erbert & Gerberts. No previous registration is necessary, but limited catering will be available.