All staff, faculty have select access to Rec Plex, Rec Center in February

Recreational Sports is offering free access to the Rec Center and Rec Plex for non-members from Feb. 6-13 for Mission Week and on Feb. 18 and 24. No registration is required. Activities available include walking and running, swimming and use of equipment.

This offering runs concurrently with the tenth annual Go Move Challenge, a competition to determine the most active school in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Every minute of movement counts as faculty and staff compete to see who can get the most movement during the month of February.

To join the challenge: 

  • Register at, even if you participated last year 
  • Click the “LOG IN/REGISTER” button on the top menu bar 
  • In the “REGISTER” box, enter your university email address and other required information 
  • In the “Division/College” box, click on Marquette from the drop down
  • Click the “SUBMIT” button when finished
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your user email and password

To log minutes: 

  • Starting Feb. 1, visit
  • Click the “LOG IN/REGISTER” button on the top menu bar
  • In the “LOG IN” box, enter your email address and password
  • In the “LOG MY WORKOUT” box, select the intensity of your workout and description and enter the number of minutes, and select a single date or date range for logging multiple days
  • Click the “LOG IT” button when finished
  • Users can delete minutes that were entered in error

A selection of frequently asked questions are available online.