Changes to COVID Cheq screening process take effect Jan. 19

2021 Students wearing masks

Following the recent announcement that Marquette is requiring booster shots for eligible students and strongly recommending them for eligible staff and faculty, the following changes will be made to the COVID Cheq screening process as of Jan. 19.

  • All students, faculty and staff that have received the COVID-19 booster and uploaded proof will continue to receive the automated COVID Cheq green pass each morning. (The Medical Clinic is validating all uploads already received and appreciates your patience. If you receive the daily COVID Cheq in the meantime, please don’t call the clinic and give the clinic time to process.)
  • Those eligible for the booster and have not yet received the shot and/or have not uploaded the booster to the MU Medical Clinic Portal, will no longer be automatically emailed a green COVID Cheq.  Rather you will begin receiving a daily COVID Cheq reminder email/text and must complete your COVID Cheq screening to receive your daily badge based on completion of the survey. This will continue until proof of a booster is received and validated by the Medical Clinic.
    • Those who are eligible to receive a booster dose but have not uploaded booster information will be required to quarantine, if exposed.
    • Individuals eligible for the booster who have not uploaded proof by Feb. 1 will be subject to a testing protocol. Details will be provided at a later date.

Proof of booster for students, faculty and staff must be uploaded to the MU Medical Clinic Portal by Feb. 1 or, based on eligibility, by: 

  • Five months after receiving a second dose of the Moderna vaccine  
  • Five months after receiving a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine  
  • Two months after getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine