AHPRC Spring Seminar Series begins March 3

2019 – AHPRC Preview

The Athletic and Human Performance Research Center (AHPRC) will host its seminar series this spring. Four leading experts in health and human performance will visit from around the globe to present their research and provide opportunities to interact and network with students, faculty and staff.  

The following in-person events (also available via Teams) will take place in the AHPRC Film Room (AH-216): 

  • “The Birds and the Bees of Vascular Benefits to Exercise Training in Aging Adults,” is Thursday, March 3, at noon
    • Presented by Dr. Kerrie Moreau from the University of Colorado 
  • “Neuromuscular Fatigability with Acute and Chronic Exposure to Hypoxia,” is Thursday, April 21, at noon  
    • Presented by Dr. Chris McNeil from the University of British Columbia 
  • “Epigenetics and Exercise in Aged Skeletal Muscle,” is Thursday, May 5, at noon  
    • Presented by Dr. Kevin Murach from the University of Arkansas 

A virtual presentation will take place via Teams: 

  • “Physical Inactivity: Is Exercise Enough?,” is Thursday, March 10, at noon  
    • Presented by Dr. Jacquelyn Kulinski from the Medical College of Wisconsin  

To register, email Mike Haischer, AHPRC Research Lab Manager, and specify whether you will attend in-person or virtually.