Elect an electronic W-2 by Jan. 3 

The Office of the Comptroller offers a reminder on how to elect an electronic W-2. Electing an electronic W-2 makes it easy to access W-2’s at any time, and individuals won’t have to wait to receive a paper copy in the mail. Those who have not previously elected for electronic W-2s can follow these steps:  

  1. Log in to MyJob-Employee Self Service. 
  1. Go to Personal Actions, W-2 Printing Options, and change the paper document type from “Yes” to “No.”  

You must be on campus or have access through VPN to make this change. You do not need to do these steps if you have previously elected Electronic and wish to continue receiving Electronic W-2s.

By submitting a W-2 document preference of “Paper = No,” you consent to no longer receive a paper form W-2. This change must be made by Monday, Jan. 3, to be in effect for calendar year 2021 W-2. 

More information regarding W-2s and instructions on retrieving electronic W-2s is available online.