Father Voiss invites colleagues to register for an ‘Ignatian Humanism’ reading group

Dear Colleagues, 

As our Ignatian Year continues, I would like to extend an invitation to all faculty and staff.

Last spring, the Office of Mission and Ministry launched several (ultimately nine) reading groups on Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spirituality for the 21st Century by Ronald Modras. Modras’ work opens up the Ignatian heritage from the perspective of its foundations in Renaissance Humanism. He then traces the dynamic vitality of Ignatian Humanism as it played out in the lives of individual Jesuits over the centuries up to the present day. The conversations in each of the groups proved to be rich, thoughtful, and engaging for the participants and for the Jesuits who joined in the conversation with them. The practical relevance of these stories from the past for some of the many issues we confront today was a consistent theme in our discussions.

I am inviting you to consider participating in the next round of reading groups. My office will provide you with your own copy of the book. We are planning for six groups to begin in early November. Each group will decide how often it will meet. Commonly groups have met every two weeks, preparing one chapter per meeting. If every three weeks works better for your group, that’s up to your group to decide. Either I or Rev. Jim Pribek, S.J., assistant vice president for mission and ministry, will facilitate. One group will be meeting at 8 a.m., one at 9 a.m., two at noon, and two at 4 p.m.

For any staff who would like to participate, I encourage you to work with your supervisor to make the time available.

If you are interested in participating, please register online 

The day and time for which you register will be the day and time for subsequent meetings of your group.

Our first meeting will be organizational and preparatory in nature. You don’t need to have read anything before then.

Groups are limited to 10 participants each, plus the facilitator and another Jesuit. The new groups will begin in the second and third weeks of November. Registration for the book groups will close end of business on Thursday, Nov. 4.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your participation.


Rev. Jim Voiss, S.J., vice president for mission and ministry 


Colleague reactions to Ignatian Humanism book group experience:  

“This book club provided context to a very challenging year for me at Marquette. Reading and reflecting on the work “Ignatian Humanism” reminded me to recognized Ignatian values even in the greatest of challenges. Finding grace and God in everything we do.”  

  • Michael Danduran, clinical associate professor of exercise science 

“We read and discussed Ignatian Humanism by Ronald Modras this spring. I felt like I was reading the sequel to the Acts of the Apostles. It showed me how Jesuits with open minds and hearts, ingenuity, true understanding of Christian social teaching, and filled with the Holy Spirit could perform miraculous feats. It also provided the motivation to us, companions of the Jesuits, how we can all come together to move mountains with a little faith. Fr. Jim Voiss, SJ and Fr. Greg Lucey, SJ (R.I.P) were very helpful in explaining to us the historical background and modus operandi of the Jesuits. Everybody contributed to the discussions with a different perspective that made us see the different facets of the precious gem of Ignatian Spirituality. We were all very thankful for the spiritual rejuvenation we experienced and the inspiration we received.”  

  • Dr. Edwin Yaz, professor of electrical and computer engineering 

“My hope was that “Ignatian Humanism” would improve my understanding of Ignatian spirituality, specifically as it relates to my job as a content provider. What I got out of the book was a deeper awareness of my faith and an inspired appreciation for my Jesuit education. Some of the reading was challenging, in more ways than one, but the revelations and book club fellowship were well worth it. I know what I discovered on this journey will continue to pay dividends personally and professionally.” 

  • Sarah Koziol, Arts ‘92, editor in the Office of Marketing and Communication 

“The Ignatian Humanism book review and analysis was very helpful in identifying various pedagogies that related to the Ignatian lifestyle. It was great getting to know others on similar journeys and it was an amazing self-reflection tool that really opened up my eyes to what faith and spirituality is and how this impacts my life daily. The readings were very profound and the conversations were the best part of the group. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!” 

  • Dr. Manoj Babu, instructor of practice in management