Center for Advancement of the Humanities hosts Dr. Anya Degenshein, ‘Speculative Justice: How Digital Surveillance is Used to Adjudicate the Future,’ Nov. 1 

The Center for the Advancement of the Humanities (CfAH) is delighted to announce the next speaker hosted by the Humanities Research Colloquium. On Monday, Nov. 1, at 4 p.m., Dr. Anya Degenshein, assistant professor of social and cultural sciences, will present “Speculative Justice: How Digital Surveillance is Used to Adjudicate the Future.” 

For the meeting link, contact Jorge Montiel, CfAH graduate assistant.  

Dr. Degenshein will discuss how a growing body of research sheds light on the social use and consequences of digital surveillance in crime “prevention.” Yet to date, no study has examined the social life of digital surveillance in the courts, which connect policing practices to punishment outcomes. Drawing on over 2,500 pages of trial transcripts for a counterterrorism sting that is a keystone case in the use of preventative, digital surveillance, Dr. Degenshein corrects this oversight, demonstrating how data obtained from digital surveillance is transmuted into legal fact, and in turn, punishment outcomes.  

For more information about the colloquium and the fall 2021 schedule, visit the Humanities Research Colloquium website.