Faculty and staff asked to complete form to be listed in Experts Directory

Marquette’s world-class faculty and staff experts can be great resources to media, offering expertise and insights on various topics to provide background and give a story more context.

The Office of University Relations is inviting interested faculty and staff to participate in its Experts Directory, which is an external-facing resource to local and national media. Participants must be willing to be interviewed by media, but preferences for format and opportunities are given full consideration.

To be listed in the directory, complete the online form. The information provided in this form – including titles, degrees, courses taught, areas of study and other expertise – will give OUR the information necessary to add a faculty member to the directory.

Note the section outlining preferred outlets. It is important to indicate if you are comfortable being interviewed for print media, or television and radio, or all three.

To provide feedback on categories or subcategories within the Experts Directory, contact Kevin Conway, associate director of university communication.