Tuition insurance available for health-related academic withdrawal

Students can purchase a Tuition Protection Plan from GradGuard, the insurance protection platform. 

This insurance is being offered to ensure continued access to education amid uncertainty brought upon by health issues. The plan offers affordable insurance for tuition and other attendance costs should students be forced to withdraw for a covered illness, injury or mental health reasons. This plan complements and enhances the university’s refund policy so that students and their families can have peace of mind. 

Under the university’s withdrawal policy, students may not be eligible for a full refund if they must withdraw mid-semester. The Tuition Protection Plan can cover tuition, room and board and fees that otherwise may not be eligible for reimbursement.  

Students and parents can purchase the protection plan prior to the end of the late registration period for the semester. The enrollment date is based on the undergraduate academic calendar. If you are not an undergrad, sign-up dates may vary. Enrollment must be before the late registration deadline for your academic program. 

Please note: Marquette is not compensated by GradGuard for student enrollment in its insurance plans. Tuition insurance information from GradGuard is provided solely as a resource to students and Marquette does not own, control, administer or endorse the tuition insurance plan provided. Students are responsible for evaluating the tuition insurance plan and selecting the appropriate amount/option for their individual circumstances. Students should send all questions directly to GradGuard. 

For more information on coverage plans and eligibility, visit GradGuard’s website or call (877) 794-6603 to connect with a tuition insurance specialist.