Reminder: Motorized scooters prohibited on campus 

The Marquette community is reminded that all motorized scooters — including the rentable dockless variety operated by companies such as Lime, Bird and Spin — are banned from use on any campus property, including walkways and sidewalks within the campus. 

This policy also applies to other personal motorized vehicles, including but not limited to electric bicycles, electric skateboards, hoverboards, Segways and mopeds. 

MUPD will enforce all city ordinances and traffic laws related to motorized scooter operations, particularly their use on public sidewalks, which is strictly prohibited. 

The City of Milwaukee ordinance related to operating on sidewalks reads: “No bicycle or electric scooter shall be operated upon any public sidewalk, any pedestrian path in the public parks, or upon any public school grounds or public playgrounds.” The fine for violating this ordinance is $86.20. 

“There is increasing evidence on the dangers of operating motorized scooters, and as a police department, it is our duty to promote and protect the safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests,” says MUPD Chief Edith Hudson. “As a campus community, we must all agree to respect one another’s safety and pedestrian rights. Prohibiting motorized scooter use on campus is in everyone’s best interest.” 

In addition to the university’s scooter policy, the Office of Residence Life has an existing policy in place prohibiting students from charging the dockless scooters in their residence hall rooms or university-owned apartments. 

Employees are reminded that motorized scooter use during business hours is a workplace liability issue for the university. 

MUPD and the Milwaukee Department of Public Works may impound any motorized scooter left unattended on university property.