Aug. 1 deadline approaching for proof of COVID-19 vaccine uploads and exemption requests 

As shared previously, all students must upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination or request an exemption from the vaccine requirement by Aug. 1.

You can upload your vaccine dates and record of vaccination on the MU Patient Portal.

If you do not provide proof of vaccination or request an exemption by Aug. 1, you will be dis-enrolled from classes and will be removed from your residence hall assignment. This may also affect your Federal Financial Aid status. 

How do I know if my vaccination information uploaded correctly?

  • Log-in to the Patient Portal at
  • Navigate to the “Immunizations” tab and click on “View History.” On that screen above the history listing it should say “Overall Status: Verified.”
  • Also check that the copy of the vaccination card was uploaded correctly by navigating to the “Uploads” tab. Scroll down to the bottom to see that the COVID-19 Vaccine Record is listed under “Documents already on file.”
  • Finally, navigate to the “Messages” tab to see if you have a secure message from the Medical Clinic. More information would have been e-mailed here if your vaccination information had not been uploaded correctly. You also would have received an e-mail to your Marquette e-mail address that you have a secure message in the Patient Portal.

Mandatory testing for students with exemptions
All students who have been granted an exemption from COVID vaccination for medical, religious or personal conviction reasons will be required to participate in mandatory testing at least every two weeks for the duration of the 16-week semester. Exempted students must also complete their daily COVID Cheq. Specific information and details about testing will be shared prior to the start of classes. 

Please visit Marquette’s COVID-19 website for frequently asked questions and information about protocols, vaccination and testing.