Marquette’s high-performance computing cluster to officially open June 2

The university will officially open “Raj,” a new $1.5 million high-performance computing (HPC) cluster, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, June 2.

Raj was brought online in April 2021 after being purchased, in part, through a Major Research Instrumentation grant from the National Science Foundation. The new HPC cluster will boost research and scholarship across the campus, offering faculty and students access to a modern powerful supercomputer.

Raj is built with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise servers using the AMD Rome line of EPYC processors as well as NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs and is equipped with 1.5 PB storage array. It has a total of 7,808 CPU cores and 48 GPUs, including three 8-GPU nodes designed for advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. A detailed description of Raj’s specifications is available on the HPC’s System Overview page.

Prior to the ribbon-cutting, limited access to the Raj HPC cluster had been available as staff members extensively tested the new facility. Raj replaces the previous HPC cluster, Père, which was installed in the late 2000s and contributed to approximately 200 research papers published by Marquette researchers.

For more information on accessing Raj, visit the HPC’s user guide.