Conducting pandemic-related research? Let the COVID-19 Research Initiative know

The COVID-19 Research Initiative is seeking information on research and projects which have been conducted by the community to understand and publicize the breadth of COVID-19 research at Marquette. 

This includes, but is not limited to:  

  • Scientific experiments 
  • Social science research 
  • Humanities focused projects 
  • Development of courses or programs 
  • Development and implementation of interventions 
  • Community programming 

Marquette faculty and staff involved in COVID-19 related projects are asked to complete a brief 10-minute survey by Tuesday, June 1.  

The survey asks for information including project details, funding and student involvement. The eventual outcome of this survey will be a COVID-19 project repository that promotes and highlights the impactful work done at the university during the pandemic.

With questions, contact the Office of Research and Innovation