Performance appraisals due to HR by June 1; process overview and other important information

Providing employees with feedback on their job performance is critical in creating an engaged workforce that delivers on the university’s strategy and goals and exemplifies our mission.

The annual performance appraisal process is designed to support and develop employees by providing specific feedback on their goals and job responsibilities through a one-on-one conversation with their supervisor and a written appraisal document.

The appraisal addresses not only the job content — the “what” of the role — but also how the work was accomplished. An effective performance appraisal process enhances an employee’s job performance while establishing good communication channels between the employee and the supervisor.  Amid our busy schedules, a performance review sets aside dedicated time to have meaningful and constructive dialog that provides employees with relevant, specific and timely feedback on performance strengths and opportunities for improvement.

This year we are pleased to pilot a new form (requires Microsoft Word) for supervisors to use when documenting employees’ performance. The form is meant to make the process easier and ensure a focus on communicating job and goal specific feedback.

Department specific forms previously approved by the Department of Human Resources or prior versions of HR issued forms will still be accepted for the 2020-21 performance appraisals.

The HR website includes the new form, the previously approved HR form, frequently asked questions and additional resources.

HR business partners are working with University Leadership Council members to provide training on the new performance appraisal form and how to effectively provide feedback.

Completed and signed performance appraisals are due electronically to HR at no later than Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

Contact HR with performance review process questions or concerns.

Please note: University Advancement will continue with their regular process and timelines.