Reminder: Continue to complete the daily ‘COVID Cheq’ even if vaccinated

Once fully vaccinated, all members of the Marquette community must still complete the daily COVID Cheq. Please remember that completing the daily COVID Cheq survey remains a key mitigation tool for campus.

Additionally, even if you are vaccinated you should still wear your mask, practice social distancing, avoid crowds and wash your hands often.

Per the CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated people should still watch for symptoms of COVID-19, especially following an exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. If symptoms develop, all people – regardless of vaccination status – should isolate and be clinically evaluated for COVID-19. 

If you have questions about using COVID Cheq, please email With questions about COVID-19 or if are seeking medical advice, you must call your primary care provider or the Marquette Medical Clinic at (414) 288-7184.

Learn more about COVID Cheq and see FAQs.