COVID-19 vaccination update: Marquette to receive limited vaccines the week of March 8

As determined by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Marquette University will receive a limited supply of vaccines the week of March 8. Please note that vaccines are still in limited supply and allocations are not yet available for all who are eligible.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recently expanded the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility groups. Effective March 1, childcare workers and educators are eligible. Faculty, staff, graduate assistants, teaching assistants and student teachers in higher education settings who have direct student contact are included. Other staff who have direct student contact will receive the pre-registration survey (see info below) in the next two weeks.

IMPORTANT: While the groups listed above became eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on March 1, the Milwaukee Health Department has prioritized K-12 education and childcare staff first in this phase. Higher education faculty and staff with direct student contact will be able to get vaccinated at the Wisconsin Center regardless of where they reside once registration is open.

If you are eligible and can receive the vaccine from other sources (i.e. primary care doctor, hospital system, etc.) before it’s available to you at Marquette, you are encouraged to do so. Milwaukee County created HealthyMKE, a COVID-19 vaccine resource website for residents to check if they are eligible for the vaccine. The website also provides links to various vaccination sites throughout the county.

Additionally, the Milwaukee Health Department is currently working with community partners to see if there are other opportunities to provide vaccinations in this particular group. As Marquette learns of these opportunities, information will be shared via Marquette Today.

MHD is currently vaccinating the following eligible individuals/groups: 

  • ► K-12 Education and child care (PRIORITY STATUS)
  • ► Frontline health care personnel
  • ► Residents and staff in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities
  • ► Police and fire personnel, correctional staff
  • ► Adults ages 65 years and over who are residents of the City of Milwaukee
  • ► Adults ages 65 years and over who are employed by the City of Milwaukee
  • ► Individuals in need of a 2nd dose who received their 1st dose at the Wisconsin Center

The Medical Clinic has begun sending pre-registration emails to eligible individuals prior to the anticipated March 15 vaccine availability.

The first pre-registration group will include:

  • Any person in the state’s first priority group who was not yet able to get vaccinated
  • Marquette University Child Care Center workers
  • Instructors prioritized based on their total number of days scheduled to teach in person on campus
  • Graduate assistants and teaching assistant students who are currently teaching in-person classes
  • College of Education students who are currently student teaching

The second pre-registration group will include:

  • Instructors who teach in person and were not surveyed in first pre-registration group
  • Pre-identified Residence Life staff
  • Pre-identified Facilities Planning & Maintenance custodial staff who have frequent direct student contact

Note: pre-registration is intended to help the Medical Clinic get an accurate count of who wants/needs vaccine. Please respond to the survey even if you have received vaccine elsewhere or are declining. Separate communication and sign-up for appointments will occur in priority order,  once vaccine is received.

Important reminders:

  • Please do not call or email the medical clinic or COVID hotline to ask when vaccine will be available to you.
  • The State of Wisconsin, NOT Marquette University, determines vaccine eligibility criteria. More information on the state’s eligibility requirements is available online.
  • For vaccine help, Wisconsin residents can now call the COVID-19 Vaccine Assistance Hotline at (844) 684-1064
    In addition to the numerous resources available on the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ COVID-19 vaccine page, Wisconsinites can now call (844) 684-1064 (toll-free) for personal assistance with their vaccine-related questions.
  • You must get both doses at the same facility
    If you get your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine off campus, you cannot get your second dose at Marquette. Second doses are automatically allocated by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to the vaccination site that provided your first dose. If you received your dose elsewhere, including out of state, that site is responsible for your second dose.
  • Once fully vaccinated, you must still wear your mask and practice social distancing.

Please submit all COVID-19-related questions via Marquette’s coronavirus website.